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Video Title: Digested By A Giantess
Model Name: Sashacurves
Video Duration: 11:07
File Size: 791.22 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with a giantess towering over her victim, who has been shrunk down to two feet tall and is now completely at the mercy of this massive woman.

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She picks up the small man and tosses him around like he’s just another toy. She even holds him close to her face so she can feel his warmth on her skin, but that only makes her hungrier for more than just a hug

Finally, with no resistance left in our hero, the giantess takes one last bite and swallows the tiny man whole. She moans as he slides down her throat and can already feel him dissolving into nothing but nutrients. The next day, she sits on the toilet, satisfied with her meal yet still craving for more

The giantess has grown even bigger after consuming our hero. Not only have her boobs become larger and rounder, but also her ass has gained some serious mass. She can now feel every inch of her body with a single touch from anyone