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Video Title: A Mommy Son Taboo Tale
Model Name: Sashacurves
Video Duration: 28:49
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The homecoming of a son to his mother’s house is not always a happy event, especially when the father is away on military duty and mommy has been left feeling lonely. However, this particular mother finds solace in her son’s presence as he shares stories about army life with her.

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One night, mommy is awakened by an intruder who turns out to be a neighbor searching for his lost cat. The two bond over their shared love of animals and military service. Mommy begins taking care of the son in a motherly way while he’s away from home. She even gives him her own bed so that he can sleep peacefully.

The next morning, mommy finds out about this unexpected guest but is not upset at all. In fact, she feels relieved and happy to have someone close by who cares for her well-being too. The two share many nights together with the son sharing his mother’s bed due to lack of space in army quarters.

As time goes on, mommy becomes more comfortable around her son and he becomes more like a boyfriend than just an acquaintance. She even starts calling him ‘honey’ which makes the son feel special. But when mommy realizes that she has feelings for her own son too, it is already too late to turn back the clock. The two have become each other’s only solace and comfort in a world full of violence and uncertainty