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Video Title: Fuck Me Quickie
Model Name: Sarah Rae
Video Duration: 03:57
File Size: 291.49 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is only a short 03:57 long and it features Sarah Rae on her back with her legs spread wide open, inviting you to penetrate her deep within.

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Sarah has dressed in a sexy outfit that accentuates her figure and makes every inch of skin visible. She is constantly moving her body, making sure she feels good as possible while the main attraction is focused on her pussy.

Her pussy is glistening with wetness from all the bouncing it has been doing in order to make you feel like it’s already your cock inside. The room Sarah lays in is dimly lit and smells of sex, making every man wish they could smell her scent.

Sarah Rae wants you deep within her as she screams for more; the sensations are just too good to handle. She keeps bouncing on your cock trying to make it feel like heaven but at some point will have to stop because even though is a short video, Sarah can only take so much