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Video Title: Husband fucks wife and then cleans her up
Model Name: Sammmnextdoor
Video Duration: 09:16
File Size: 405.00 MB
Video Resolution: 1080×1920

A couple is seen engaging in sexual intercourse on a couch. The husband initiates the action by touching his wife’s private parts, making her moan with pleasure.

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The husband removes all of his clothes except for his underwear and continues to touch his wife while standing behind her. He kisses her neck and reaches around to fondle her breasts.

As the couple continues their passionate lovemaking, they switch positions on the couch so that the woman can be more comfortable. The husband strokes her hair and whispers sweet nothings in her ear while he sucks on her nipples.

The wife’s orgasm is finally triggered when she grabs ahold of her husband’s hair, pulling him deeper into her as they reach climax together. After their lovemaking session has finished, the couple cuddles up with each other and shares sweet kisses.