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Video Title: Boss’s Payrise Proposal
Model Name: Sammie Cee
Video Duration: 15:03
File Size: 1.68 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

An employee is in a meeting with their superior to discuss the possibility of receiving a pay increase. The topic becomes heated and the higher-up requests that the staff member gets on his lap.

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The subordinate complies, spreading their legs wide so they can feel comfortable as the other person’s face lands directly onto their pussy. This is an unusual way to hold a meeting but it seems to be effective for this particular pair of people.

As time passes the employee begins to enjoy themselves more and more, reaching orgasm while still in front of their superior. The higher-up decides that they will receive a pay increase after all, with one condition: They must continue performing sexual acts during work hours.

The employee is happy with this decision, climbing off their superiors lap and returning to their desk as the meeting comes to an end. A new contract has been agreed upon, allowing for more interesting activities in the office.