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Video Title: Teachers Body Possession By Bully Cucks Student
Model Name: Roxy Cox
Video Duration: 31:24
File Size: 4.42 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A fight breaks out in a classroom and the bully is involved.
This time he takes control of their teacher’s body, becoming her dominant authority figure.

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As class begins, the possessed teacher starts behaving like a tyrant. She humiliates one student after another while praising only the bully, who enjoys every moment of it.
The bully even convinces his favorite teacher to dress more provocatively and act inappropriately toward other students.

Once they are alone, the bully takes full control of their beloved teacher’s body. He makes her say things she would never normally say, like how much he hates certain students.
The bully then sends most students home so that only him and his favorite teacher remain in class. This creates a more intimate environment for them to continue tormenting the one unlucky student.

Eventually, as part of their plan, the bully takes control of multiple bodies at once, making it seem like they are all under his influence.
He then forces the teacher to confess her feelings about him in front of everyone. She declares she loves and adores him more than anything else while humiliating others.