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Video Title: Cucked for Christmas by Mommy & Your Bully
Model Name: Roxy Cox
Video Duration: 23:58
File Size: 4.21 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Mom and son are having a conversation where mom is dressed in a santa suit. She talks on the phone to someone, possibly about her plans with this person. Son notices that she’s very happy and can hardly wait to see this person.
She then gives him a present wrapped as a gift but it turns out to be lingerie and tells son he should wear it for the occasion.

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Mom mentions that there is going to be someone else at their house who will also celebrate Christmas. She mocks her son while dressed in this outfit, making him blush and cover his face as mom hands him another present.
She tells her son that he has to be ready for the occasion because they’re having a visitor over. Mom is mocking her son about getting laughed at by others.

Mom continues to talk with son, mentioning that she wants him to meet this person and spend time together.
She tells her son that he will like it but not the other way around as mom’s guest has a bad reputation. Mom is talking about someone who will be coming over for Christmas.

Mom hands out presents to everyone present at their house, including this person too.
While giving him his gift, mom mentions that she and her visitor have something in common as they both like the same thing. She’s mocking son about being a pushover and having no personality of his own.