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Video Title: Bimbofied Mommy Cucks Son with Bully & Rich Father
Model Name: Roxy Cox
Video Duration: 34:00
File Size: 4.54 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Roxy Cox portrays the character of a mother who transforms into a bimbo after losing her job and being approached by her son’s bully’s rich father. As a result, she becomes less caring towards her son’s needs and more focused on pleasing her new benefactor.

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The mother starts neglecting her responsibilities as a parent and indulges in the bimbo lifestyle, showing off tight dresses, big breasts, and pigtails to attract attention. She even becomes a mindless cumslut for her sugar daddy, humiliating her son by being a free use slut.

The mother’s transformation is complete when she embraces the bimbo lifestyle fully, becoming a nasty cumdrenched slut who enjoys taking facials and showing off her big breasts. She even takes pleasure in cuckolding her own son with his bully and their rich father.

The video features Roxy Cox as a MILF in a tight bikini, proudly calling herself a bimbo mommy and enjoying every second of being a nasty cumdrenched slut. The MV version is downsampled to 4K from an original 8K resolution.