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Video Title: Soothing Son’s Erection
Model Name: Rheasweet
Video Duration: 22:14
File Size: 2.64 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The term ‘Erection’ is often used to describe a penis that is standing straight and hard.

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This particular video showcases the pleasurable experience of seeing a full body erection on someone who appears to be experiencing some level of discomfort. The person in question does not seem bothered, but rather enjoying this moment of bliss as they lay with their eyes closed

As time passes and the excitement builds up, it becomes clear that something is not quite right. It’s a bit uncomfortable for them to be experiencing such an intense hard-on for so long, especially while being filmed in high definition.

This specific scene can also be seen as an act of trust and vulnerability from the person with their legs spread wide open displaying all that they have to offer. A sign of true intimacy between parent and child.