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Video Title: Bad Brother
Model Name: Rheasweet
Video Duration: 14:54
File Size: 698.17 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video opens with Rheasweet’s brother being a little too excited about his sister’s antics. She is wearing a short skirt and showing off her legs, but he seems more interested in the fact that she is drunk. He starts teasing her, and even though she tries to resist, she cannot help but give in.

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The second paragraph focuses on Rheasweet’s brother taking advantage of his sister’s state. She falls asleep after a while, and he takes off her clothes, revealing her beautiful body. He then proceeds to touch and caress her as if she was a doll, showing no remorse for what he is doing.

The third paragraph talks about the brother’s sexual desires being fulfilled by Rheasweet. She seems to be asleep throughout this entire time, but it does not stop him from taking advantage of her and satisfying his needs in an intimate way.

The final paragraph is a continuation of the previous one, with Rheasweet’s brother still touching and caressing her as she lies on the floor. It seems like they have done this before, and he has no intention to stop. The video ends with him giving his sister a passionate kiss on her lips.