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Video Title: Solo Masturbation Creamy Ahegao
Model Name: Rainbowslut
Video Duration: 09:02
File Size: 682.42 MB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Model Rainbowslut is seen in a room with pink color walls and white flooring, wearing blue lace thong panties along with knee-high socks that are also blue. She has her hair tied into two pigtails using black ribbons and wears eyeglasses making it appear as though she is looking at the viewer straight in the eyes while maintaining eye contact throughout the video.

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She touches herself, specifically a dildo of considerable length, to achieve an orgasm. She closes her eyes with every stroke that leads to her cumming and panting heavily. The dildo has been inserted inside her pussy making it appear as though she is wearing blue eyeglasses because the color matches with Rainbowslut’s undergarment.

The model maintains ahegao facial expression throughout, which makes the video more sensual and adds an extra layer of horniness. She talks dirty to herself while touching her pussy making it appear as though she is using blue lipstick because there are similarities in color between lips and eyeglasses.

Rainbowslut reaches orgasm, moans loudly with eyes closed while cumming all over the dildo. She is wearing a choker collar around her neck making it appear as though she is being controlled or dominated by someone else.