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Video Title: Submissive muzzled dog-girl needs to pee and cum
Model Name: Puppygirlfriend
Video Duration: 12:46
File Size: 1.08 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Puppygirlfriend is wearing a tight leather collar that prevents her from moving freely while she crawls on the floor, feeling the coldness of it against her wet skin. She feels like a bad puppy in need for attention as she starts panting with an open mouth and barks to signal her owner about her needs. The sound becomes louder as Puppygirlfriend can’t control herself anymore due to this intense pleasure that makes her squirt on the floor, wetting it completely. She moans while getting more excited and keeps barking like a true puppy in heat.

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Her owner comes closer and takes off the muzzle from Puppygirlfriend’s mouth just so she can beg for his attention with all of her heart. He puts a long transparent dildo in her pussy, making it wet while fucking hard as he watches this beautiful creature get more excited by every second.

The room is now filled with the smell of pee and sex that makes Puppygirlfriend feel even hornier than before, she starts licking her owner’s dick just to thank him for such a great experience. She keeps barking as he cums inside her wet pussy, making it tighter while feeling his cock pulsating deep in.

Puppygirlfriend lies down on the floor with an open mouth and closed eyes, enjoying this peaceful moment after getting fucked so hard by her owner’s dick. She feels like a true slut who knows exactly how to please him, even if she is just a puppy