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Video Title: MV Live: Sexmas Panther Cums Hard
Model Name: Princessberpl
Video Duration: 49:00
File Size: 3.90 GB
Video Resolution: 1280×720

The video starts with Ann Takamaki from Persona 5 performing a cosplay show on MVLive. The first segment of the video, which lasts for around 28 minutes, features no explicit content but is still entertaining as she moves in a teasing manner.

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At the 28th minute, Ann starts to become more sexual and provocative, with her actions being categorized under ‘cum’ segment. This part lasts for around 11 minutes before transitioning into another phase.

Around 43 minutes into the video, Ann is seen gagging while edging, showcasing a different side of her personality and adding an interesting twist to the performance.

The last part of the video features Ann moving in a teasing manner again, with this segment being labeled as ‘teasing/wheels’. This final phase is crucial for setting up the climax of the show.