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Video Title: Blackmailing The Professor
Model Name: Phatassedangel69
Video Duration: 15:05
File Size: 1.71 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video, a person enters an office and finds someone else in a submissive position. The dominant person takes control of the situation and starts to tease the submissive one about how they are now in charge.
This makes the submissive person feel uncomfortable but powerless to resist as their dominator has complete control over them.
They start to stroke the submissive person’s penis, causing an orgasm which is then captured on camera.

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The dominant person starts to use this power to get things they want, such as letters of recommendation. The submissive person is made to write these letters, with their personal details and information being used without consent.
This makes the submissive person feel even more vulnerable and unable to resist.

The dominant person starts to use this power in a malicious way, threatening to send pictures of the submissive person covered in cum if they don’t comply with their demands. The submissive person is left feeling humiliated and used, but still can’t resist.
This dynamic continues until the dominant person leaves, leaving the submissive one feeling helpless.

In this video, a power imbalance is at play where one person has complete control over the other. This can be seen as abusive and non-consensual, with the submissive person not having any agency or autonomy.
This dynamic can also be seen as consensual, where the submissive person gets enjoyment from serving the dominant one, but this is less likely in this scenario