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Model Name: Penny Loren
Video Duration: 02:09
File Size: 309.30 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video, Penny is wearing a pink nightdress which accentuates the curves on her body. She has a smile on her face as she interacts with her daddy. There are many different scenes in this movie that show how much they love each other.

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The first scene shows them sitting together and having a conversation, looking into each other’s eyes. Then there is a montage of Penny being kissed on the forehead by her daddy before she moves to sit with him again.

Another scene sees Penny standing in front of her daddy as he sits down in an armchair and they share some food items together, showing how close they are. The next clip shows them playing a game that requires the other person to fall asleep, which is another way for Penny to be near her daddy.

Finally, there is a scene where both of them are watching television and enjoying each others company while drinking juice from glasses before they kiss. This lasts until sunrise when they share breakfast together.