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Video Title: Penny Barber – Mommy Claus Wraps Your Package in Diapers
Model Name: Penny Barber
Video Duration: 30:55
File Size: 4.16 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features Penny Barber as a dominatrix, who has been given the nickname ‘Mommy Claus’. She is seen using various BDSM tools and toys to punish an unidentified male sub. The setting for this scene appears to be a cozy living room with plush furniture and Christmas decorations.

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As Mommy Claus, Penny Barber takes the role of disciplinarian and uses her diaper fetish to humiliate him further. She is dressed in festive attire consisting of a tight red dress with white fur trim and reindeer antlers on her head. Her male sub is made to wear a large adult-sized diaper, which makes for an interesting power dynamic.

The video features several sensual moments between the two characters as they engage in roleplay activities that involve bondage toys and spanking. Mommy Claus also uses her mouth to give him a taste of what is yet to come by teasing his genitals with various Christmas-themed implements.

As the scene progresses, Penny Barber takes on more extreme roles such as that of an evil stepmother who punishes naughty boys. The video ends with Mommy Claus standing over her male sub, holding a large candy cane in one hand and spanking him with it using her other.