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Video Title: FREE My Son is a Vampire
Model Name: Penny Barber
Video Duration: 01:48
File Size: 125.40 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

My Son is a Vampire is an adult video series that follows the debauchery of a mother and her son over three nights. The first night shows our protagonist claiming their mother with their fangs and huge cock, while she sucks him off on all fours.

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The second night starts with mom turning her son into a vampire pussy-eating sex toy before taking control of the situation again. This time she has him tied up between her tits, giving her access to his blood and cock simultaneously. Her punishment is not over yet as she still wants more from him.

On the third night, our hero takes back control by putting mommy in her place and punishing her with a big cock between her tits. The mother-son duo continues their vampire roleplay, but this time it’s on terms that favor our protagonist more.

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