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Video Title: Home Wrecking Travel Agent Humiliates Your Wife
Model Name: Peachyskye
Video Duration: 23:08
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Travel agent is a woman with an incredible figure and charm who helps you plan the perfect vacation for your wife but eventually seduces you into cheating on her, all while making your wife feel terrible about herself.

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The travel agent suggests a few destinations that are quite appealing to you and then proceeds to show pictures of those locations. The more she talks, the more attractive these places become until you finally agree to book one for your honeymoon without even consulting with your wife!

Travel agent starts humiliating your wife in front of you, saying that she looks like a saggy old cow and making it clear that you should be with her instead. She does not stop at just verbally abusing your wife; she also proceeds to physically seduce you by showing off her body and eventually sleeping with you on the couch in the office.

The travel agent continues to humiliate your wife, making it clear that she is now the one for you. She makes sure everyone knows about this by posting pictures of herself all over social media and telling people that you are now together. Your wife’s friends and family start hearing about her being replaced even though they had no idea such a thing was happening.