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Video Title: Homewrecking and Housewarming HD
Model Name: Paintedrose
Video Duration: 40:00
File Size: 1.70 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The allure of a home for sale on the same street as an old flame has proven too tempting to resist. The idea of having this Goddess next door, with her curvy body and hungry mouth, is impossible to ignore.

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However, being married makes it difficult to get sexual desires met by Rosie without causing suspicion or getting caught in the act. But when she stops by for a housewarming meet and greet with all neighbors and your unsuspecting wife asks her to stay for movie night – an opportunity too good to miss.

Rosie’s flirtatious behavior escalates, with secret touches becoming more intense as you get closer. You are able to enjoy a handjob under the blanket while watching the film and even getting sloppy blowjobs in various places around your home without anyone noticing.

As things heat up, Rosie’s friends have it covered with their own unique touches added into the mix. But when you can finally unleash yourself on an unsuspecting wife, she has had just enough to call it a night – leaving you alone in your marital bliss.