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Video Title: Cumflated Girlfriend
Model Name: Ousweetheart
Video Duration: 11:07
File Size: 668.70 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The girlfriend of a male character is eagerly trying to please him by giving oral sex, but the man’s cumshots are too powerful and she struggles with each attempt.
She tries again and again until eventually she gets a few down. The volume of his semen makes her look pregnant. She can no longer fit everything in her mouth as it is overflowing.

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The girlfriend continues to give him oral pleasure, but the man seems insatiable and keeps cumming inside her mouth. Her belly grows bigger with each shot until she becomes visibly rounder.
As time passes, she starts looking pregnant from all the semen he ejaculates into her body.

The girlfriend has a fetish for getting transformed by various things like inflation and creampies in this specific video. She gets filled with cum until it becomes difficult to even move anymore.
Her clothes become tight due to the amount of semen inside, making her look pregnant. Her transformation is now complete as she looks full-grown.

The girlfriend has a deep love for creampies and inflation in this specific video. She wants to please him so much that she agrees to get filled with his cum multiple times.
She does not realize what it means, but the male character keeps ejaculating inside her mouth until she looks like an inflated balloon.