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Video Title: Red Riding Hood
Model Name: Onlyonerhonda
Video Duration: 24:50
File Size: 2.77 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman is wandering through a forest when she comes across a werewolf in human form.
She runs away from the wolf and locks herself inside her grandmother’s house,
where she tells her about the sighting.
Her grandma does not believe what she has seen, but Red persists
in telling her until they have a conversation. During this chat, the werewolf enters the room and starts touching Red’s body.

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After their intimate moment, the woman goes to sleep in her own bed,
dreaming about the wolf who is now standing next to her.
She wakes up from her dream and realizes that it was a vision of the werewolf,
something she can’t shake off until he enters her room. Once inside, they have another sensual moment before getting into
another passionate conversation.

Red is still in her bedroom when she starts to feel something touching her chest and stomach.
She realizes that it is the werewolf who has transformed back into human form,
seductively rubbing his hands all over her body. He then proceeds
to finger her nipples, a move that sends Red into an intense orgasmic state.

The woman starts riding on top of the werewolf in missionary position while looking straight at him.
She keeps bouncing and increasing speed until she experiences another massive orgasm,
followed by multiple more. The wolf cums just a second after her, covering
everything with his sticky fluid.