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Video Title: Mean Coworker Farts
Model Name: Onlyevamarie
Video Duration: 15:37
File Size: 1.64 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features a person pretending to be an unpleasant coworker and uses farting as the main source of misery for their new colleague.
The scene opens with our ‘mean’ coworker introducing themselves in front of the camera, then proceeds to give multiple unwanted birthday bumps, accompanied by loud farts.

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As time goes on and party food is presented, it becomes clear that this person has no intention of allowing anyone else to eat from their plate. Instead they lift up their dress and start farting directly into the food, ruining its edibility.
This action also causes them to take a seat on top of the birthday cake before blowing out candles with more farts.

The misery continues when it comes time for this person’s colleague to have some cake. However instead of offering a piece, they squash the entire thing under their arse and make sure everyone can see what is happening.
This not only ruins the cake but also makes it clear that there will be no more food offered or shared.

The video ends with this person giving one last fart in celebration of another colleague’s birthday, while making clear their disdain for anyone who isn’t them. The scene closes as they blow out the candles on a cupcake and squash it underfoot.