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Video Title: EVERYTHING! Offer Extended through April
Model Name: Olivewood
Video Duration: 02:00
File Size: 333.65 MB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A sensual massage video is being offered with the title ‘EVERYTHING’. The masseuse has a beautiful olive skin, and wears a tight dress that accentuates her body. She invites you to lay on the massage table and relax, as she pours warm oil onto your back.

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The masseuse starts with long strokes, making sure all of your muscles are relaxed. The room is filled with an earthy scent from essential oils that have been diffused into the air. She uses a combination of Swedish massage techniques and deep tissue to ensure you feel completely rejuvenated.

The masseuse moves lower, using her elbow to apply pressure on your glutes. You can hear the sound of her long nails tapping against the table as she works out any kinks in your body. The massage becomes more sensual as warm oil is massaged into your legs.

The masseuse finishes by giving you a facial, applying moisturizer and ensuring all of your skin feels silky smooth. She then helps you off the table and gives you a hug that makes you feel safe and comforted as she tells you that this offer has been extended through April.