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Video Title: No pleasure ejaculation JOI pt 1
Model Name: Nicolette Bloom
Video Duration: 11:26
File Size: 1.61 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is a part of the ‘Corrective Behavioral Therapy’ series and features Nicolette Bloom as she guides a subject through an exercise designed to establish obedience. The therapy involves repeatedly stroking one’s penis without experiencing any pleasure, with the number of repetitions determined by the therapist.

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The video starts with a man performing ‘no pleasure ejaculation’, where he has to obey Nicolette Bloom and stroke his penis for an unspecified period. He is not allowed to feel any pleasure during this exercise, as it would defeat its purpose of proving obedience.

In order to clean up after the therapy session, he must eat a meal prepared by himself. This action serves two purposes: firstly, to humiliate him and make sure that his punishment is complete; secondly, this ensures that no traces of disobedience are left behind.

The resolution of the video is 1920×1080 pixels which provides a clear view of every detail. The duration of the clip is 11:26 minutes and Nicolette Bloom has made sure that all aspects of this particular therapy session are covered in full.