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Video Title: Nicole Doshi Fucks Fan on Golf Date
Model Name: Nicoledoshi
Video Duration: 16:12
File Size: 826.57 MB
Video Resolution: 540×960

A woman named Nicole Doshi was participating in a golf tournament with her fan when they decided to have some fun and engage in public sex. The two were surrounded by greens, but this time the ball flying through the air wasn’t the only thing getting attention.

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Nicole was wearing a sexy sleeveless outfit that showed off her fit body as she straddled on top of her fan with long blonde hair spread across his chest. She gave him a passionate lap dance and then slowly started to undress, first removing her hat and sunglasses before unbuttoning the buttons of her golf shirt.

The woman’s skirt was next, revealing her cute butt in tight shorts as she squatted on top of her fan. The pair didn’t seem to mind that they were surrounded by spectators anymore and enjoyed each other’s company. Her fan then picked up Nicole and put her on the driver seat of his golf cart for a long ride.

Nicole Doshi gave an unforgettable lap dance in front of her favorite fans, even if that meant taking off all of her clothes at the end. The blonde bombshell showed her appreciation by giving a passionate blowjob to her fan as they drove around on their golf cart before finally coming to a stop and getting out. Their public sex didn’t seem like such an unusual sight anymore.