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Video Title: Doshi Housewarming Turns into Lesbian Sex W Vicki Chase
Model Name: Nicoledoshi
Video Duration: 14:46
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A housewarming party is a common event for people to celebrate their new residence and invite others over to enjoy the space with them, but this particular one turned out differently when Vicki Chase came dressed in lingerie. She had an idea of using food as a way to flirt and be sexual, which ultimately led to lesbian sex between her and another woman present.

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The room where everything took place was decorated with care and attention, making it the perfect setting for two women to engage in sensual activities together. Items such as pillows and blankets were used to heighten the intimate atmosphere, while also providing a soft and comfortable space for the pair to be close and steal moments of passion.

Vicki Chase brought over strawberries and whipped cream with her, which became their main tool for foreplay. The women rubbed the sweet treats all over each other’s bodies, licking and tasting as they went along. It was a mutual decision to use food in this way, but no one could predict how turned on everyone would get.

It is not uncommon for housewarming parties to have some form of entertainment or activity for guests, but Vicki Chase took it upon herself to become the main event. She used her sexuality and confidence as a means to seduce another woman in attendance into lesbian sex. The pair were fully clothed at first, but soon undressed each other in their lust.