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Video Title: You are mommys personal toy
Model Name: Nicolebelle
Video Duration: 18:35
File Size: 2.64 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features a woman named Nicolebelle who has taken on the role of a mother in this taboo scenario. She is dominating and controlling, using her son as an object to fulfill her desires. The video starts with her teaching him how to insert a big toy into his bottom for her pleasure.

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Nicolebelle then proceeds to show her son how to stroke his cock, providing guidance on the speed he should use and making sure that it is done properly so she can enjoy watching this. The camera captures her facial expressions as she sees him perform these actions in front of her.

As a mother figure, Nicolebelle takes great pleasure in controlling every aspect of his life, from what he eats to where he cums. She is very specific about how things should be done and will not hesitate to punish if they are not completed correctly or on time.

This video also features elements such as open lingerie, big boobs, a large ass, and explicit material that can only be described in this way. The camera angle captures these details perfectly for the viewer’s enjoyment while keeping focus on Nicolebelle.