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Video Title: Mommy and doggy little secret
Model Name: Nicolebelle
Video Duration: 21:08
File Size: 2.99 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features a mother and her son’s pet dog in a taboo roleplay scenario. The mother allows the son to stay at her house, but brings his energetic dog along. After feeding the dog, it starts humping the mother’s leg and enters the bathroom while she is peeing, sniffing her crotch. This prompts the mother to call the dog over and have him lick her pussy, leading to a huge orgasm.

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As the mother enjoys the feeling of the dog’s tongue on her pussy, she allows it to continue licking her for some time until he eventually sticks inside her. The mother struggles to remove the dog and only manages after some time, with lots of doggy cum dripping out of her.

The mother then lies in bed but is joined by the dog who has a hard and knotty doggy dick. It proceeds to grab the mother and starts fucking her from behind until she reaches another orgasm, realizing that the dog’s cock is inside her. The mother finally manages to remove the dog after some time.

This video features themes of pet play, k9, taboo, mommy roleplay, family, creampie, and POV sex. The mother and the dog are both visible in this full-length video.