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Video Title: Merry Christmas to my favorite cousin
Model Name: Nicolebelle
Video Duration: 23:59
File Size: 3.40 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with a woman entering the room of her male cousin and noticing that he’s avoiding family gatherings. She is wearing a tight-fitting costume which makes it difficult for her to stay decent while talking to him, but she tries hard to keep things professional.

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She then tells her cousin about how the whole family misses him and asks why he didn’t come. The man replies that it is due to his cousin’s cleavage which keeps distracting him, making it difficult for him to concentrate on anything else but boobs. He says this in a way that makes clear that he means what he is saying.

The woman then takes off her costume and shows off her body while asking her cousin if he likes the sight of her naked body. She also moves around in such a way to give him a full view, making it impossible for anyone else not to enjoy this as well. The man confirms that he indeed enjoys what he sees and even mentions his dick getting hard.

In the end they both have sex on camera while being filmed in different positions such as missionary and cowgirl, with ahegao faces made by woman to emphasize how good she feels. At the end of this long video one can see that man cums inside her pussy just before another person knocks on their door.