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Video Title: The host
Model Name: Nicole Nabors
Video Duration: 11:07
File Size: 1.84 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video titled ‘The Host’, Nicole Nabors can be seen wearing a revealing bikini and preparing for a football party in the bedroom. She teases her husband about wanting to have sex with all of his friends before the party begins, and even goes as far as seducing them one by one while still dressed in her micro bikini. The wife uses self-degradation to entice her husband’s friends and makes sure they feel good while having sex with her. She even engages in dirty talk throughout the video and can be seen moaning on top of her husband, signaling that she has reached orgasm.

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The wife continues to seduce every friend individually by using a variety of positions and self-degradation techniques until each one has filled her with cum. She makes sure they feel good about themselves while having sex with her and even uses the husband’s cock to stretch out her holes for his friends.

As more people come in, Nicole Nabors ensures that she is always available to them by wearing a tiny bikini and teasing them. She makes sure they feel comfortable during the party with their cocks inside of her. Even when not directly having sex, she will pleasure each one individually so as to ensure maximum satisfaction.

In this way, Nicole Nabors becomes the host for everyone by making herself available and ensuring that every person feels good about themselves while having sex with her. This is why she has earned the name ‘The Host’ in this video.