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Video Title: The hall pass
Model Name: Nicole Nabors
Video Duration: 18:07
File Size: 4.85 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A married woman has a "hall pass" to cheat on her husband with anyone she desires and remain anonymous. She invites one of her husbands friends into their home after a concert, only for the two to engage in an intimate act.

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This unidentified friend finds out that his best friends wife has been fantasizing about him since high school, so she takes advantage of this opportunity and makes sure he is okay. She also expresses her appreciation by making him feel special while getting physical with him.

The woman believes that the husband would not mind as they have agreed on certain terms to make it acceptable in their marriage. Her "hall pass" has given them a chance to enjoy each other and create long-lasting memories for both of them.

Nicole Nabors is the woman who takes advantage of this opportunity, making sure that she gets her mans full attention while also maintaining discretion. She expresses herself in a way that cannot be mistaken by anyone and enjoys every moment spent together with him.