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Video Title: The bosses reward
Model Name: Nicole Nabors
Video Duration: 16:37
File Size: 3.29 GB
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Nicole Nabors is standing in front of her father-in-law, who happens to be the big boss at his company and a very important person for Nicole. He has been voted employee of the month by his peers, which makes him extremely happy because it means that he’s done something significant within the organization.

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He calls upon Nicole to come over to his office so she can give him this award personally. She arrives and they share a moment as her father-in-law embraces her tightly and gives her the good news, which makes her extremely happy because he’s been missing him dearly. They kiss passionately in front of everybody but not caring about what people would think.

Nicole then moves forward to show some gratitude by giving a very personal gift to her father-in-law: oral sex. She kneels down and unbuttons his pants, pulling out his big hard cock and takes it inside her mouth while the rest of his body is still seated in front of him. He enjoys this moment too much until she gives him an orgasm by swallowing all his fluids.

After this very personal act, Nicole’s father-in-law has been crowned employee of the month and he feels like a king with everyone knowing that he’s earned it in such hard way. This is also just the beginning as they continue to share more intimate moments together.