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Video Title: Daddys dance
Model Name: Nicole Nabors
Video Duration: 05:40
File Size: 1.11 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Nicole Nabors enters the room with a tight dress on and begins to dance for her ‘daddy’. She moves in such a seductive way that he gets turned on by the sight of it. Her pleas for him to cum are heard but not acted upon as she continues dancing, showing off her body. The sight of his baby girl moving around is enough for him and when he finally cums, Nicole Nabors is covered in it

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The tight dress that Nicole has on restricts the movement a little bit so at one point, she takes it off completely to dance more freely. This decision gives her even more confidence as she moves about the room dancing just for daddy and making him feel special with every move of her body. When he finally cums, his baby girl is there in front of him dressed only in a smile

The resolution of this video is 1920×1080 so everything can be seen clearly from the moment Nicole Nabors enters to when she begins dancing and begging for her ‘daddy’ to cum. The moves that are performed, the facial expressions used as well as body language all contribute to a high quality adult video with a clear picture

This 5 minutes and 40 seconds long video is perfect in every way. It features Nicole Nabors dancing only for her daddy which adds an emotional aspect to it but also ensures that the focus stays on her. The idea of being filmed makes Nicole move more freely and with confidence, making this a one-of-a-kind adult entertainment experience