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Video Title: Big toy orgasm
Model Name: Nicole Nabors
Video Duration: 07:05
File Size: 1.17 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Nicole Nabors has a dildo inside of her that is bigger than usual ones and she teases herself with this giant thing for a while, moaning in pleasure as the wand rubs against her clit. She can’t help but feel more and more excited until finally giving into an intense orgasm.

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Nicole Nabors enjoys sex with toys just as much if not more than real people because it gives her control over every little detail, including how deep she wants to go and which sensations to focus on. This level of autonomy makes the experience feel better overall but also requires patience when building up.

The specific dildo that Nicole Nabors uses has a wide base which is great for stability during use, especially as it gets deeper inside her. She rides this thing while moaning in pleasure and waving her hips around until she cums hard.

Nicole Nabors’s pussy feels so wet that the dildo glides right in without any resistance but once inserted, things get more complicated as every inch provides a new sensation of tightness or speed. She moans from pleasure and teases her clit with this wand until she cums hard.