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Video Title: Magic transformation. Witch turns you into a big cat
Model Name: Mylene
Video Duration: 14:08
File Size: 893.05 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with an attractive witch offering you a magic pill to transform your body. She is dressed in tight clothing and has visible tattoos on her arms, neck and legs. The setting appears to be inside the witch’s house, which looks enchanting with candles and magical items everywhere. As she gives you the pill, she tells you that it will change your life forever and asks you to relax while accepting this transformation.

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The video then shows a full-length shot of you lying on a bed in cat form. The witch is next to you, petting you and making sure everything goes well during the process. She tells you that it’s important to embrace your new feline nature and enjoy its benefits. You can see her tits and ass as she moves around.

The video then shows various close-ups of you in cat form, licking yourself, looking around and showing off your big teeth and claws. The witch tells you that it’s important to accept this new body and enjoy its perks such as heightened senses, agility and gracefulness.

The video then ends with the witch telling you that she will keep you in her breeding program, which means lots of money for her. She also mentions that you can start purring to show affection towards your new owner.