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Video Title: Farts for a stranger, rosebuds, anal fuck, CEI
Model Name: Mylene
Video Duration: 17:37
File Size: 1.08 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features a woman named Mylene in front of an unseen stranger as she farts on him with her back turned. She enjoys the feeling it gives to both herself and her audience, believing that they will accept this act more after seeing how much fun she has doing it.

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The video progresses into a sexual nature at around 5 minutes in as Mylene removes their pants and reveals an oversized dildo. She proceeds to insert the toy inside her ass, with one hand on the base and another controlling its movement, moving her body closer and further away from the camera.

Mylene’s focus shifts toward a more dominant role in this moment of the video as she takes control over the situation by squatting down onto the stranger’s hard cock. She rides him for several minutes with an intense look on her face, making it clear that he is just a tool to be used before finally cumming.

The final moments of this video show Mylene in full control as she squirts sperm from her butthole directly into the stranger’s mouth. She does not shy away from any details and even encourages him to eat it all, making it clear that he is there for entertainment purposes only.