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Video Title: Champagne bottle anal insertion. Gapes, farts, rosebuds
Model Name: Mylene
Video Duration: 10:34
File Size: 665.02 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Mylene is a mature woman who enjoys the feeling of having something inside her ass. In this video, she uses a champagne bottle to stretch and penetrate herself while wearing fishnets, red bodystocking, and black makeup on her eyes, lips, and nails. The camera angle is from doggy position, showcasing both her anus and the insertion process.

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Mylene starts by inserting a smaller wine bottle into her butthole, ensuring it goes all the way in before moving onto something bigger like a champagne bottle. She stretches herself with this bottle for about 30 seconds before successfully penetrating herself. As she pulls the bottle out and in multiple times, there are anal fisting, rosebuds, gapes, and even farts.

The same doggy pose is kept throughout the video, making it seem like a live show for viewers to enjoy. There’s no music or lighting effects, just pure hardcore ass-fucking content with Mylene in the center of it all. Tags: #champagnebottlefuck, #assholestretching, #hardcore, #kink, #analmasturbation, #psfb, #prolapse, #rosebud, #gape, #gaping, #firsting, #buttholepenetration, #redbodystocking, #blackmakeup, #XXX, #watermarked

Video Duration: 10 minutes and 34 seconds. Video Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels.