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Video Title: Spanish tutor has squirting orgasms on your face
Model Name: My Cheetara
Video Duration: 30:17
File Size: 2.23 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

The video starts with a beautiful Spanish woman in the frame who is passionate about teaching her language to people around the world, but it’s not just any ordinary class as she likes giving personalized attention and squirting orgasms on their faces.

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This passion turns into reality when one of her students mentions a specific word triggering an intense feeling that makes this Spanish tutor squirt orgasms, sometimes it is directly on the student’s face while other times she uses tools such as tissues to clean up after herself and make sure everyone gets their share.

As time goes by her students get more comfortable with each other and start interacting in a way that makes them squirt orgasms, sometimes they even form a circle around the Spanish tutor and all squirt at once making an unforgettable scene for anyone who witnesses it.

The video ends when this passionate Spanish teacher is completely satisfied with her work and no longer needs to give personalized attention as she has already filled everyone’s face with squirting orgasms, the last shot shows a happy smiling woman surrounded by content students eager for more knowledge.