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Video Title: Succubus Takes My Virginity
Model Name: Mvngokitty
Video Duration: 10:39
File Size: 427.84 MB
Video Resolution: 608×1080

Mvngokitty is a succubus in this video and she has been summoned to take the virginity of a man.

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She starts by making him relaxed, touching his body with her fingers that grip. She then proceeds to use an accessory called Big Dildo to penetrate him for the first time.

The succubus is very sensual and knows how to please a man using not just her mouth but also other parts of her body, including her feet which have socks on them. She can read his signals and respond accordingly.

This full 10:39 video shows the succubity in action as she takes the mans virginity while giving him a pleasurable experience he will never forget. The resolution is high, allowing to see all details of this POV scenario.