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Video Title: I Have a Crush on My Best Friend – NTR
Model Name: Mvngokitty
Video Duration: 25:05
File Size: 3.03 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video is focused around two characters who are friends and share many personal moments together.
Although one character has developed romantic feelings for the other, they have not shared this information yet.

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This friend spends their time with them imagining a more intimate relationship. They may even be pretending to be in a relationship where they get jealous when seeing their friend interacting with others.
A specific moment that highlights this is during the ‘date night’ for our main character and their partner, but it feels empty without her best friend there too.

When given an opportunity, such as helping to pick out clothes or hearing about sweet things their friend does for someone else, they jump at the chance. This may even go so far as imagining the two are in a relationship.
However this character is always careful not to let on that anything more than friendship has developed.

As time passes and many special moments shared, it’s possible that our main character could become aware of their friend’s feelings. This would create an awkward situation for both of them but also a moment of truth where they can be honest about how they feel.