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Video Title: StepMom Embraces Your Growth Fetish
Model Name: Morina
Video Duration: 29:56
File Size: 3.94 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A man comes to his stepmom’s house for a visit and notices that she has a growth fetish. He decides to make her fantasy come true by transforming her into a giantess.

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StepMom is happy about becoming a giantess but does not want to harm anyone or cause destruction. She uses her new size and power to help others, such as rescuing people from danger and providing them with safety.

As she grows bigger, StepMom becomes more confident in herself and starts leading a double life. During the day, she is a normal-sized person but at night, she transforms into a giantess to fulfill her fantasies.

The man continues visiting his stepmom and helps her maintain her giantess form by providing her with food and other resources needed for survival.