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Video Title: Kitty wants a treat
Model Name: Molly Darling
Video Duration: 15:18
File Size: 877.83 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video, Molly Darling is playing the role of a kitten that wants to get fed.

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The scene starts with our furry friend licking her paws and showing an expression of hunger. She then gives a little meow to make her message heard about wanting some delicious food.

In order for Molly to receive the treat she desires, it’s necessary that she performs blowjob on camera and swallows the tasty liquid in return. She can be seen engaging in sensual activities including petplay where she is dressed as a cute kitten with her collar and whiskers.

This full video runs for 15 minutes, providing ample time to enjoy Molly’s performance and her enthusiasm at being fed.