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Video Title: Desperate Sales Rep Degrades Herself For You
Model Name: Molly Darling
Video Duration: 15:44
File Size: 902.99 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A sales representative has come to a man’s house seeking help with an expensive order she has been unable to sign off on. The woman is desperate, as her rent is due and without this sale being approved, she will be in deep trouble. To secure the sale, she agrees to perform sexual acts for him and also degrade herself while doing so. She believes that by pleasing him with filthy words, he will approve the order. The woman performs oral sex on him, but makes it clear she is not satisfied with just this act.

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The sales representative proceeds to have intercourse with the man, and during this time, continuously degrades herself while doing so in an attempt to please him and secure the sale. She refers to her genitals as being only valuable for their use in pleasing men, and that she is a mere object who exists solely for his pleasure. The woman also tells him how much of a worthless slut she is and how little value she places on herself.

The sales representative continues with the degradation while having intercourse, telling him that her genitals are only valuable as a receptacle for his semen, and that he can use them in any way he sees fit. The woman also mentions that if he wishes, she will allow him to ejaculate inside of her despite previously insisting otherwise.

As the sales representative finishes degrading herself and pleasing the man with a sale approved, they discuss how this arrangement should continue in the future. She is willing to return whenever he desires, and perform whatever acts are necessary for him, even if it means further degradation of self-worth.