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Video Title: Welcome to Locktober
Model Name: Missivydoll
Video Duration: 10:48
File Size: 1.15 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

MissIvyDoll is a dominant woman who enjoys teasing men and putting them in chastity cages. This video showcases her cruel side as she torments the viewer with the prospect of not being able to ejaculate for an entire month, all while celebrating October as ‘Locktober’. The atmosphere created by MissIvyDoll is very intense, yet sexual and entertaining.

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MissIvyDoll’s social media presence is strong, posting twice a day on Twitter with the username @MissIvyDoll and Instagram under IvyDollFit. Her MV Club offers daily updates to fans who want more of her content. The video resolution is high-quality at 1920×1080 pixels.

The main focus of this video is MissIvyDoll’s teasing and tormenting the viewer, with a chastity cage being the central prop. Her cruel nature shines through as she laughs while holding the keys to your cock in her hands. The month-long celebration of Locktober includes plans for denial, making you beg MissIvyDoll to cum again.

In this video, MissIvyDoll emphasizes female domination and male submission, with a clear power dynamic at play. She is dressed provocatively and uses her body to entice the viewer while also using it as leverage for control. The end of Locktober means that you’ll be begging MissIvyDoll to let you out again, showcasing her authority and dominance in this situation.