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Video Title: Locktober: Week 3
Model Name: Missivydoll
Video Duration: 09:30
File Size: 1.01 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

MissIvyDoll is a dominatrix who enjoys teasing and denying her submissive male partners the pleasure of orgasm, often by using chastity devices such as keyholding. In this specific video during week three of Locktober, she takes control over one man’s sexual satisfaction, reminding him that his cock is in her hands and he has no choice but to submit to her will.

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As a part of the tease and denial aspect of their relationship, MissIvyDoll makes it clear that this hard week for the submissive male partner is only just starting. She taunts him with physical closeness while reminding him that he has no power over his own body.

MissIvyDoll also stresses the importance of being a good boy, and if her submissive male partner fails to do so then she won’t allow him to cum at all. This constant teasing can be mentally challenging for him but is an essential part of their dynamic as dominant and submissive.

During this specific week MissIvyDoll has complete control over the man’s orgasm, and her power extends beyond just denying pleasure; she also controls how much he gets to feel. The tease and denial aspect is a major part of their dynamic as dominant and submissive but there are other parts too such as keyholding which gives MissIvyDoll complete control over the man’s sexual satisfaction.