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Video Title: Locktober: Week 1
Model Name: Missivydoll
Video Duration: 11:15
File Size: 1.20 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A weekly tradition of chastity is being celebrated as a way to assert female dominance and power over men. The woman in this video holds the keys, controlling access to freedom for her male partner. She teases him relentlessly, never allowing him release from his cage, and instead using his longing as a means to control him further.

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This woman takes great pleasure in reminding her man of his place, not just in terms of sexual satisfaction but also in terms of societal expectations. She revels in the power she holds over him, making it clear that he is beholden to her and her desires are paramount.

The woman uses a variety of implements to keep her man restrained including cages on his ankles and wrists as well as a ball gag in his mouth. She delights in the feeling of power, using her beautiful body and large breasts to entice him but never allowing full release.

This woman is not satisfied until she has complete control over her man, making sure he knows who is boss. This video showcases a woman’s desire for male submission, with chastity as the tool used to keep him under her spell.