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Video Title: Mom Shrinks Son and Puts Him Inside HER
Model Name: Missbehavin26
Video Duration: 09:51
File Size: 1.06 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Title of this video is ‘Mom Shrinks Son and Puts Him Inside HER’. It features a woman who has been preparing for a date with her husband, but is suddenly joined by their son. She initially thinks he wants to play a prank on her, but then realizes that the teenage boy genuinely wants to have sex with his mother.

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As the video progresses, it becomes clear that the woman’s son cannot control his urges and falls to his knees behind her. She allows him to engage in intercourse with her by pulling down her sheer panties and even mocking his tiny penis as he shrinks away on her pussy.

The woman eventually notices her son looking up at her from below her vagina, so she decides to end the situation by calling her husband over. She tells him that their son has run away and will likely return soon since he cannot survive without his mother’s care. The camera then focuses on the woman as it slowly moves towards her pussy.

As the video is about to finish, a shot of the woman’s vagina lips filling the screen can be seen for around 20 seconds while she rubs and fingers herself to see if her son has returned. The final moments feature only the sound of the woman moaning as she reminisces on their son.