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Video Title: Surprising Mommy
Model Name: Miss Malorie Switch
Video Duration: 09:23
File Size: 1.38 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

As Mommy lays in bed with her eyes closed, she feels a presence near her. Unable to resist the temptation of pleasure that comes from this person’s cock, she allows him inside.

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Soon realizing it is not Dad who has snuck into her bedroom and filled her up with his hot load, but rather her own son! She can hardly believe it, even while in a pleasurable state of mind. Mommy becomes overwhelmed by guilt when the deed is done.

But as she wakes from this deep sleep, she finds comfort in knowing that no one else will ever be able to give her such pleasure and satisfaction than her son does. He has always been a good boy, but today he became something more: A man who can make Mommy feel like the happiest woman on Earth.

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