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Video Title: Sister’s Stinky Armpits
Model Name: Milfparadise
Video Duration: 05:05
File Size: 417.61 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with you and your sister in a bedroom trying on cardigans she recently bought. You encourage her to wear the new one for you, but it seems that she is not comfortable doing so because of body odor.

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Your sister then tells you about her armpits having strong BO and asks if you can see sweat spots through the fabric. She even lets you smell them and this turns you on as you enjoy the aroma coming from your sibling’s pits, but she is not happy with it.

You decide to help her cleanse herself by licking her armpits which makes you feel like a good brother who cares about his sister. It was just an intimate moment shared between siblings and this video showcases their special bond

After the event, your sister feels relieved as she no longer has to be embarrassed about body odor or sweat spots on her cardigans which is not something that you can say for yourself