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Video Title: Pee Desperation in Bikini
Model Name: Milfparadise
Video Duration: 01:53
File Size: 150.87 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A young woman is on a family vacation with her relatives.
She has an intense need to urinate but can’t access the bathroom, as someone else occupies it.
The video starts with our protagonist trying to hold in her pee.

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In order not to wet herself, she goes around searching for a place where she could relieve herself. She moves from one room to another but finds no empty space available.
She enters the bathroom and discovers it’s occupied by her brother who is watching porn while waiting for his turn.

Her bikini bottom gets soaked in pee as she can’t hold it any longer. She has no choice but to take off her swimwear, revealing her bare ass.
She still tries to find a bathroom or at least an empty space but unfortunately, there is none.

Finally, the woman finds a restroom and able to pee while recording it for everyone’s entertainment. She feels relieved after she finished urinating in front of all her relatives.